Foam and pressure cleaning systems allow for precise and comfortable cleaning of equipment, installations, floors and walls in the production facilities. Self-winding hose reels are the cleaning points.  The length of the hose allows for easy reach to distant places in the production hall.  The hose ends with a tip with the quick coupling, which allows for connecting all kinds of cleaning nozzles and lances. A distinction is made, among others, between flushing, foam, or disinfection lances. Each is equipped with its own system of agent dosage with adjustable compressed air pressure, which affects the quality of the foam, the rinsing/cleaning selection switch, and the accessories necessary for dosing and distribution of water, air and detergent. A water system of individual cleaning points is connected to the central system, which includes a high-pressure pump. This pump is designed to increase and maintain the water pressure in the water system required in the cleaning process.